S o l a r - B E C S

Solar - Bridge - Europe - CEDAO States

Solar systems are built where the sun shines!

The possibilities of the use of photovoltaic for generating electricity from solar energy are becoming more innovative and so the solar technology is moving more frequently in the focus of consumers.

The company AssiSolar-BECS (Solar-Bridge-Europe-BECOAO States) is both:

Because of our many years of international experience, we find for you the right business partners in Europe and Africa when it comes to the implementation of investment projects in solar systems in West Africa (CEDAO States).

Our philosophy:
Improving quality of life by solar energy

Jens Ullmann Leiter International der IHK zu Potsdam, Heherson Alvarez, Secretary
oft the Environment and Natural Resources oft he Republic of the Philippines,
Torsten Stehr, Leiter Service- und Beratungs Center (SBC) der IHK zu Potsdam,
Adiépo Assi, Inhaber der Firma AssiSolar-BECS und Demetrio Ignacio,
Under Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Philippines

Adiépo Assi, Inhaber der Firma
AssiSolar-BECS im Gespräch mit dem
Perlight Solar Vertreter Maxwell